The Ridiculous Freedom of Homemaking

Contrary to popular belief, the modern homemaker has one of the most freeing careers ever. What other calling let's you create and organize and choose your activities with such freedom?

G.K. Chesterton begins his brilliant and thought-provoking article “Woman” by demolishing the argument of  an acquaintance who urged him to embrace communal-kitchens.

His acquaintance argued that communal-cooking would free women from the tyrannical constraints of the kitchen. Chesterton disagreed. Why?

Not because Chesterton believed woman should be tied to the kitchen, but because it is in the kitchen and in the home that the creative power of dominion shines most brightly in the average home today.

“The average woman,” argues Chesterton, “is a despot; the average man is a serf.”

The average homemaker is a despot. The freedom she exercises is unheard of in most careers.

I know many amazing women who have full-time careers in addition to homemaking. My hat is totally off to you ladies. This post is simply meant to encourage those who have chosen the path that many view as a mindless waste of talents for what it really is: a freeing and rewarding calling. 

The Ridiculous Freedom of Homemaking

Why would a woman want a career Chesterton asks? Why change the freedom of home-making for the drudgery of working for a boss?

The idea of homemaking being the freeing “career” is refreshing. It’s radical. Most importantly, it’s true.

Within our homes we can decorate and teach, organize and cook with a creative freedom that doctors and lawyers can’t hope to match. We can start our own business or grow our own food, if we so choose. Or we can develop curriculum or make our own herbal “medicines”. Or do all or none of these things.

What other calling offers so much freedom? The modern homemaker has an amount of options that is unheard of in most careers.

So in his article Chesterton urges women to “cook wildly” and to embrace the creative dominion of making a home for our husband and children.

“I am for any scheme,” continues Chesterton, “that will make the average woman more of a despot. So far from wishing her to get her cooked meals from outside, I should like her to cook more wildly and at her own will than she does. So far from getting always the same meals from the same place, let her invent, if she likes, a new dish every day of her life. Let woman be more of a maker, not less. ”

Few careers boast half the freedom a homemaker exercises everyday in the choices she makes as she runs her home.

Embrace the freedom of building your home

The blogosphere (and Pinterest!) is filled with a gazillion ideas for making our homes more beautiful, more organized, more sacrificial, or more self-sufficient.

Many of these ideas are amazing. But the freedom of homemaking allows each of us to decide the “wild and wonderful” way we will run our home for God’s glory and our family’s blessing.

So, as Chesterton urged, embrace the delightful freedom of building your home.

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