You Can Always Find an Excuse

You can always find an excuse, if you're looking for one. Stop feeling guilty for things that aren't your duty. Stop making excuses for things that are!

“You can always find an excuse if you are looking for one.”

It is true. Whether sleeping in too late, spending too much time on the computer, or putting off a child training issue, it is easy to look for excusing for things I don’t want to do.

Webster defines an excuse as a “plea offered in extenuation of a fault” and argues that “Every man has an excuse to offer for his neglect of duty.”

In order to overcome excuses we must realize that we are making them, whether consciously or not. Then we can start to deal with them.

Acknowledge that we’re making excuses

First we must separate those things that really don’t need to be excused. “Neglect of duty” speaks to the heart of the issue. What are our duties? The world has many expectations of us and we place burdens on ourselves that are not duties.

  • Do you prepare gourmet feasts ready to be served at 6:00 sharp more frugally than____?
  • Could you run your finger over your furniture with a white glove?
  • Have you run five miles yet today?
  • Does your child have the best educational toys available?

It is our duty to glorify God wherever He has placed us. We are not called to outshine the Jones.

That brings the issue of excuses a whole lot closer to home. As a wife and mother with two little children I am called to manage my home wisely, lovingly train my children and honor and cherish my husband. These things are duties. Other things can fall by the wayside, but excuses are not acceptable in the line of duty…

…which means I have some areas to deal with!

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