Fall Reading Report

Fit to Burst: excellent encouragement for moms!

Committing to post what I’ve read has been an incredible motivator to practice what I preach and actually make more time for reading! Life has been too busy to get sucked into any novels (because I have the hardest time putting them down once started) but I’m hoping to cuddle up by the fire during this […]

Christmas Handprint Art

Make darling DIY Christmas handprint art for grandparents or great-grandparents to enjoy.

If I did crafty projects more often I would A.) get faster, B.) be more realistic about how long the craft would take, or C.) both. Since the crafting bug only hits a few times per year, I guess I’ll continue to enjoy the process even though it is always longer and messier than I […]

Humility, Faith, and Folic Acid

Life is perplexing. We don't know all the answers. That's why we need to approach life with humility and faith.

What does folic acid have to do with humility and faith? Humor me for just a minute, and I think you’ll see… What’s the absolute most important supplement to take when you’re pregnant? Most literature I’ve read agrees that it is folic acid. Folic acid helps fight miscarriage and protect the developing baby from serious […]

Ideas to Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas (without going crazy)

Looking for memorable ways to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, without wearing yourself thin? Here are a few simple ideas.

God became Man to redeem mankind. It’s a simply staggering fact. It’s such an important part of our faith, we have chosen to celebrate Christmas for 12 days. That decision relieves a lot of the pressure I used to feel from trying to cram so much into such a short time. It also means thinking of ideas […]

Silencing the Kingdom of Noise

Life in the modern world comes with a constant bombardment of noise. This steady stream of noise deadens imagination and traps us in the present. We have to learn to silence it.

Noise. Our lives are full of noise. Not just the beautiful noise that comes with a home full of children, but our modern noise: the bombardment of advertisement when we drive down the road, shop, or watch football; the noise of constant, instant social media; the subtle urge to always be busy with something. photo credit […]

Peppermint: Herbal Highlight

Not only does peppermint taste good, it's a powerful herb for easing stomach problems, calming the nerves, as an energizing pick-me-up, and much more.

Unlike bitter yarrow and spicy cayenne pepper, peppermint is an herb even children enjoy. Not only is peppermint delicious, it is also a powerful herb that has been loved and enjoyed for centuries. Although I tried my hardest to get myself to enjoy a cup of yarrow tea each afternoon (since yarrow is such an amazing tonic) but […]

3 Reasons We Celebrate 12 Days of Christmas

For Christians, Christmas is a huge deal. That's one reason why we take 12 whole days to celebrate it.

Did you ever wake up the morning after Christmas as a child totally dejected that the celebration was over already? You spent weeks (or even months) anticipating the big day, and it was over in just a few hours. It almost seemed wrong. Celebrating the 12 days of Christmas extends the joy for almost two weeks. […]

Fun and Educational Gifts for Kids

Looking for fun gifts for your kids that are also educational? Here's a handy guide.

A good education isn’t all fun and games. But I want learning to be as fun as possible for my kids. One simple way to make learning fun is by incorporating educational games into our schooldays. Who wouldn’t want to practice their spelling while playing games with Mommy? If you’re looking for fun and educational gifts for […]

Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims’ Five Kernels of Corn

The pilgrims' legacy isn't just one Thanksgiving feast, it's a heart of thanksgiving in trials and blessings.

What can moldy bread, an over-crowded ship, puking passengers, and five kernels of corn teach us about Thanksgiving? A lot. Several years ago I picked up William Bradford’s first hand account of life in Plymouth. I couldn’t wait to read about the first Thanksgiving and expected the great Thanksgiving feast to be the theme of the […]

Winter Travel Emergency Kit

Winter is almost upon us. It's time to build a winter travel emergency kit.

Winter weather is in the air. When there is snow on the ground, I like to turn on the fire and get cozy or go outside and enjoy the snow. Driving on frozen roads though? That’s not my favorite thing. But being prepared with a winter travel emergency kit makes me feel a little better […]