How to Make ANY Recipe More Healthy

Want to make your favorite recipes more healthy, without compromising on taste? Here are four smart and simple strategies to healthify any recipe.

You don’t have to buy the latest health food cookbook to serve your family high-quality foods. Transforming your own favorite recipes to make them as nourishing as possible (without compromising on taste) is an adventurous kitchen challenge. Practically any recipe can be make more healthy just by reducing the sugar, using higher quality ingredients, adding hidden vegetables, […]

Simple Ways to Celebrate the Lord’s Day

As moms, we have a job that literally "never ends". That doesn't mean the Lord's Day isn't a time of rest for us too. Here are few simple ways to celebrate the Lord's Day.

The Lord’s Day isn’t a day of endless rules and boredom. It also isn’t just another day to cross stuff of the to-do list. The Lord’s Day is a day for worship, for fellowship, and for rest. In short, the Lord’s Day is a day to celebrate. Sometimes though, it’s hard to find ways to […]

Controlling Loose Lips

Loose lips sink ships. The tongue is a powerful weapon for good or gossip. Let's use it for good!

Like the small rudder that turns a massive ship, the tongue wields incredible power. With our tongue we can hurt or heal, kill or make alive. With it we can gossip or encourage, tear down or build up. Loose Lips Sink Ships Bad news travels fast. Whether it’s a broken engagement, lost job, pending divorce, […]

Celebrate the Lord’s Day

The Lord's Day: a day of worship, rest, and gladness

Life in the Little House on the Prairie held a sweet charm for me as a girl. I wished I could live out on the prairie with Mary and Laura in a little log cabin, pick wild berries along the creek bed, and run through unending prairie … until Laura described their Sundays. Sundays were miserable, […]

Mocha Muffin Recipe

Looking for a delicious mocha muffin that's made with (mostly) whole food ingredients? Try these moist mocha muffins.

Deliciously moist and rich, these mocha muffins are a family favorite. Like most regular American recipes, the original recipe called for a ridiculous amount of sugar. Thanks to the bananas, you can cut the sugar by more than half and still have a perfectly sweetened muffin! So that’s what I do. The “healthified” version started […]

How to Make Time for Reading

How to make time to read, even when you're a busy homemaker.

Does your stack of books to read keep growing, but you can’t seem to make any progress through them? That’s how I felt when I looked over my booklist at the beginning on the summer: I had only finished reading two books in the first six months of the year (unless children’s literature counts!) The list […]

Prepare Garden Beds for Winter

Preserve your garden soil, prevent disease, and prepare your garden for winter with these four simple steps:

The days are shortening and we’re enjoying the last few golden days of fall. As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to prepare garden beds for winter. Not only does a little bit of work in fall make spring gardening more pleasant, following these four simple steps will help preserve your garden soil, prevent plant diseases from […]

How to Make Meals for Others (When the Thought is Totally Overwhelming)

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the thought of bringing a meal to a friend, here are a few simple strategies that helped me.

A few months ago, I stood in my kitchen feeling totally overwhelmed. I had offered to bring a meal to a friend, but couldn’t come up with a good dinner idea. All morning I’d stewed over what to make, and still hadn’t pinned down an idea. Something needed to change. That’s when I realized I […]

A Lesson Learned from My “Martha” Project

Egyptian Party

Anticipation soared as we prepared for the children’s Ancient Egyptian party. We studied Creation through the Middle Kingdom in Egypt during their first term of history. Now it was time for a hands-on look at life in Ancient Egypt. As one of the history teachers at their weekly classical academy, I’d been brainstorming ideas for […]

Use Responsive Sayings to Enhance Your Homeschool

Looking for a fun & easy way to learn Proverbs, shorts Scriptures, and life lessons? Use responsive sayings for your homeschool!

Children have incredible memories. They soak up new information like fresh sponges. As a homeschool mom, one of my goals is to channel that valuable ability toward the true, the good, and the beautiful. One very simple way to do this is to use responsive sayings to easily learn Proverbs, short Scripture verses, helpful life […]